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CCTV is now regarded as one the best ways of securing your home or business, not only for security purposes but also for peace of mind.

As a local independent CCTV security company with vast experience in CCTV, IP and IT fields, we understand all the needs and challenges faced by both the home owner and business owner alike.

HOME OWNERS If you simply need reassurance that your home is safe and secure while away from your house then a simple and neat home CCTV system is the answer.

BUSINESS OWNERS If you would like to keep an eye on staff, stock, valuables and business premises then we can tailor a CCTV system to suit. Whether this be just 1 camera or 32.

  • Viewable on PC / Tablet / laptop/ Smartphone
  • Viewable away from site location
  • Real time recording 24/7
  • Monitor farm / home / shop/ business
  • HD, PTZ & High resolution cameras
  • Night vision cameras
  • Indoor or outdoor monitoring
  • Upgrades of old CCTV systems
  • CCTV tailored to suit you
upgrades repairs

CCTV Upgrades & Repairs

If your CCTV system has failed, suffering from glitches or simply out of date then we can upgrade your old equipment as a cost effect solution. Camera not clear on peoples faces? Upgrade to a new HD-SDI system. Does your system support online viewing? If not we can replace your DVR with a model that does. Online viewing is now seen as a high demand in regards to the CCTV sector so why not see the benefits.


CCTV Installation

Whether you bought your equipment elsewhere or from us, we will offer you the same high level, neat and professional CCTV installation that we do to all our customers.


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